Geek Girls Golf... and Swing With Sweet Spot


Geek Girls is an organization created to educate and empower girls and women... of all ages, skill-levels and income brackets... on computer technology and social media.

They get together for seminars and socials... bootcamps and classes, aimed at eliminating technophobia. They also put an emphasis on paying it forward. Giving back... and passing on the positive.

So it was beyond serendipitous that they encountered Sweet Spot Golf... and its founder Brian Allman.

If you've got any kind of connection to women's golf, chances are you've met Brian or seen his products.

Sweet Spot, the company he founded, manufactures golf clubs. Very distinctive golf clubs that are top quality, technically advanced and gorgeous. And portion of all sales of Sweet Spot clubs go to breast cancer research and awareness programs. In fact Brian and his company support a diverse array of charities and work with a number of organizations to foster the growth of the golf.

Brian donated several beautiful Sweet Spot putters to a Geek Girl Scholarship raffle that was part the recent Boot Camp event on Cape Cod. The event sold out and the lucky Sweet Spot winners will undoubtedly be trying out their new putters soon ... now that our New England weather has finally taken a turn for the better.

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