Dear Japan, Why is Your Golf Stuff so Damn Awesome?

I try not to look, because when I do I tend to get frustrated... and wind up in a state of agitation, stress and anxiety.

Well this morning I succumbed.

Knowing it would be a full day of writing, editing and admin, I convinced myself it wouldn't hurt to take a quick peek at some of my "To Read" bookmarks.

I breezed through the WSJ story on the waning art of stamp collecting and the Times Online piece on male vanity. Both were interesting and well written.

I was about finish my bookmark break with Slate's No Hipsters in China post when my eyes wandered over to my "Don't Look Here" bookmarks. To make a long story short, I did look there and just one stop... here... was all it took. Within a few minutes I was overcome with lust. "Japanese Golf Product Lust" to be exact. It inevitably comes over me when I'm confronted by images of alluring apparel and awesome accessories that aren't unavailable on US shores.

The orgy of Ryo-licious colors and Momoko-dorable styles always begs the question: Why them and not us? At least it does for me.

Anyway, after overdosing on the likes of Golden Ratio, Kappa Golf and the ultra-Japan-tabulous Dance With Dragon, I finally tore myself away from the tantalizing display...

Yes, I'm back to work. But after my little Japanese golf fashion foray I'm having a bit of trouble focusing.