The Birdy & Grace Golf Woman of the Year - Is it You?

Do you know a woman with a passion for golf, family, community and healthy living? Or maybe you are that woman.

That's the type of woman who inspires golf apparel designer Birdy & Grace, and that's what they're looking for in their Golf Woman of the Year.

When they find her she'll be flown to New York City, then whisked up to gracious Greenwich, Connecticut (my hometown!) for a photo shoot with a top fashion photography team. Because the Golf Woman of the Year will be the featured model for Birdy & Grace Spring 2011. In addition to the trip and the photo shoot, the winner will receive custom fitted outfits by Birdy & Grace and a stylish, Sweet Spot putter.

The thing I love about Birdy & Grace is the way they blend fun, flirty and fashionable with perfectly functional. They consider things like pocket placement, fabric texture and length to ensure a flattering fit on all body types and full range of motion for every aspect of the golf swing. Each item in each Birdy & Grace collection is both contemporary and classic and designed to work equally well on the course and in town.

Sharon Sunoo and Teress Stephens founded their company to create golf clothes with stellar street style. Clothes that could comply with even the strictest country club dress code, but still shine on the streets of New York, and that's what they've done with Birdy & Grace.

The rules/requirements for Golf Woman of the Year are pretty simple, and you can nominate yourself or someone you know. The nominee must be an avid amateur woman golfer over the age of 25 and must answer this: What does golf mean to you; where you see the future of women’s golf; what social causes are important to you and why; and why would you make a great ambassador for Birdy & Grace.

Each entry must be accompanied by a photo, and the deadline for entries is June 15, 2010. All entries must be submitted to their Facebook fan page or to info@birdy&

Good Luck Golf Girls!