Fast & Fearless meet Glitz & Glamor - Mojo 6 Golf

The players are elite, the action is intense and the prize money is impressive.

As in:
The world's Top players
Raceway Golf (Fast/Short/Cut-throat)
A $1 million purse

OK, enough said. It's Mojo 6 and it's on CBS this weekend... May 1 & 2... from 2-3PM ET. ~ It's golf like you’ve never imagined it.

Tip: ~ Get a few "non-golf fans" or "on-the-fence golf fans" to watch it with you. You know the ones who typically throw something at you when you change the channel to golf. This might just be the perfect remedy for those who say our sport is too...what's the word they use?... sedate. The Mojo 6 is anything but sedate. Oh... and it all takes place at breathtaking Cinnamon Hill Golf Course in Montego Bay, Jamaica. That's the paradisical icing-on-the-cake.

And there are some other fun ways to get in on the Mojo action:

Join the live LPGA viewing party
- It takes place at the LPGA's Facebook page. ~ Head over there during the telecast and check in to the "live chat". There'll be fans galore and guest appearances by participating players.

Also...Follow Mojo 6 on Facebook and Twitter for additional coverage.

And...Get a sneak peek at the action on the Mojo 6 YouTube channel.