Rickie Fowler & The Mayor of Quail Hollow Putting Green

The ever intrepid Greg Moore is on the scene this week at Quail Hollow, armed with his camera and a keen sense of observation.

In addition to his skills as a roving reporter, Mr. Moore is also an avid user/player of Foursquare, the ultra-popular, geo-social networking service/game. I'm into Foursquare too, but I'm not a great player because I forget to "check in".

So naturally I was green with envy just a wee bit envious when I saw that Greg had become mayor of the Quail Hollow Putting Green AND the Quail Hollow Practice Range. Then I come to find out he's mayor of 46 places! Really cool places too... like Torey Pines Golf Course, Honda Classic Media Center and Riviera Country Club. And a Waffle House. The only mayorship I've managed to garner is that of Golf Girl Media World Headquarters and that's only because I work, sleep and recreate there. I mean here.

So yes, I'll admit it, I did harbor a moment of resentment for Mr. Moore's multiple mayorships... and all the colorful badges he'd collected in the game... but it was quickly forgotten when he sent me this great photo of one of our favorite players: the remarkable Rickie Fowler who's getting ready to play in the Quail Hollow Championship for the first time.

Greg took the shot earlier this week... at the Quail Hollow Putting Green. Thank you Mr. Mayor.