"1 Million Shirts" Jason Sadler's New Initiative

From the creative, caring mind of Jason Sadler comes 1 Million Shirts, a charity that has as its goal to get 1,000,000 t-shirts donated to clothe people in Africa.

As you might remember, I've worked with Jason on a couple of social media... initiatives... in the past, and his talent, enthusiasm and humor have made them hugely successful.

For well over a year now shirts have been Jason's thing. He's the creator of I Wear Your Shirt. He's worn a different t-shirt from companies all over the world for almost 500+ consecutive days! So it's no surprise that when he decided to give back, he came up with a plan involving them. And you can participate, as Jason explains on his site.

Here are a few ideas to start with:

- Donate your t-shirts
- Share 1MillionShirts.org on Social Media
- Fan on Facebook: http://facebook.com/1MillionShirts
- Tweet about #1MillionShirts
- Use their Press Release to share in mainstream media
- Become a Sponsor of 1MillionShirts