Ryo Ishikawa is Lovin' it - Golfers & McDonald's Ads

If you're any kind of "online-golf-content-consumer" you've probably seen the Michelle Wie McDonald's Commercial. It's made the rounds... and then some.

Most viewers seem to agree with Shane Bacon, the mild-mannered and mega-talented golf writer behind Dogs That Chase Cars. Shane called it "endearing and kinda cute." And it is.

But what about Ryo? Have you seen Ishikawa Ryo's homage to the golden arches?

Ryo looks fierce in his red Yonex outfit, doesn't he? ~ And the sandwich looks somewhat different from anything at my local Mickey-D's. Lettuce, Egg... mystery meat. Not too different I guess.

I wonder if Ryo had one of those before he scored his 58?