Vince Spence, One-Eyed Golfer: You'll Sure be Missed

Vince Spence often wrote about golf history.

He presented stories from bygone days where clubs were called mashies, and cleeks and niblicks.

Players with familiar names... but forgotten stories... were resurrected by the affable Baltimore native, and presented to us in frequent posts that were a pleasure to read.

Then there were One-Eyed's stats. He had a bit of an obsession with stats. And I've got so say, sometimes when I saw the rows of numbers spread across his pages, I approached them with trepidation. But I never regretted reading them. Somehow Vinny could make golf statistics downright seductive... and at turns compelling, comedic and captivating.

Everyone I know delighted in One-Eyed's writing, but it was the man himself who made a major impact with his kindness and empathy. In the often acrimonious world of golf blogging and golf bloggers Vince Spence was a generous, uplifting breath of fresh air, and he'll be very much missed.