Can Women Golfers be Sexy AND Competitive?

How's that for a pertinent topic?

OK, let me clarify. Because I fully realize "sexy" is different things to different people.

For this discussion I'm using sexy in the formulaic laddy mag sense. I'm referring to a classic dude's definition... a Maxim-ish characterization that brings to mind women like Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Kendra Wilkenson ...and pretty much any lady who appears on the pages of Victoria's Secret... girly girls who tend to wear revealing, body hugging outfits. they're Smiley, flirty and shapely. Cute. Anyway, you know what I mean. And by competitive I mean driven... determined. A take-no-prisoners winner.

So the question is: are they mutually exclusive on the golf course? Because that's what I'm talking about. I tend to think they are.

Not that a beautiful, sexy girl can't win at the top levels. Cristie Kerr is the number one woman golfer in the world and off the golf course she is that sexy girl. In designer dresses and Manolo stilettos... or her favorite Hudson jeans... she's a Babe. With a capitol B. But on the golf course... she's all business. Like other players who've held the number one spot over the years, she doesn't bring girly onto the golf course. Those who do, and there are a number of them, generally haven't fared as well in competition.

So that's the debate. Is it possible to bring sexy (girly, smiley, flirty) onto the golf course and win? Or is it just not a winning attitude. That's what we'll be talking about tonight on "Only Two Things". We'll be broadcasting from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET. And you can weigh in, on Air. Use call-in number 917-889-9592. Or join the conversation in the chat room or on Twitter... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio. Talk to you tonight.