LeBron James & Dwyane Wade - Free Agent Swingers

They're clearly the world's most fascinating NBA free agents, but which one has the better golf swing?

I don't know the answer to that but I'm guessing someone might. What I have learned is that LeBron tends to play with billionaires, which isn't surprising as he's made no secret of his desire to join their ranks. While sharing a golf cart with Warren Buffet may have allowed Mr. James to pick up some effective investment tips, I rather doubt the Bill Gates pendulum demo did much for his putting stroke and it looks to me like that particular billionaire boys outing was really boring extremely sedate.

As for Dwyane Wade, he seems more inclined towards the fun kind of golf: celebrity charity tournaments featuring pretty girls, awesome outfits and red carpet photo backdrops. As far as his actual golf skills are concerned, I have a feeling they may have been compromised by overexposure to Charles Barkley during the filming of a golf themed T-Mobile ad.

The rumor that's really been burning up the buzz-meters though is the one that placed LeBron and Dwyane together with fellow free agent Chris Bosh at Miami Golf Club for DJ Irie's recent charity Tournament and had them talking about the possibility that they all may be playing for the same south Florida team next year. Not a particularly rosy scenario if you're not into the Miami Heat.

I'd venture to guess that if this ambitious triple signing actually does happen, these gentlemen will have no trouble finding a fourth... even on very short notice.


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    what a coincidence !

    clicking on the "celebrity charity tournament" photo, in the background right is Jay Rokeach the public address announcer for UofM Hurricanes baseball

    Jay is one of the major DUDEs that i have known for some years now

    and yes that photo is a good example of the "ambassadors" i spoke of who host these tournaments

    ft liquordale FLA

  2. LeBron is definitely aiming to join the Billionaire Boyz Club for that reason I think NYC is more likely than Miami.

  3. Those celebrity golf events Dwayne go to look sweet. The Gates/Buffet one looks boring.

  4. The amount of money they're talking about is staggering. That'll buy a lot of Callaways. ;)

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    i'm not gonna say arison doesn't want a winner in miami BUT - the owner also owns a cruise line here in miami

    the miami heat serve as a augmenting tourist destination point - during the time between the boat and a flight in miami the typically tourist has money burning in their pockets, easily soaked up by tickets to a basketball game

    so one super-star is enough of a draw to a visiting tourist without over-inflating the payroll unnecessarily

    so it is very unlikely TWO big salaries will be incurred

    certain not for more than a few years, anyway

    this isn't original thinking BTW wayne huizinga did it with the football dolphins, the baseball marlins and the hockey panthers - blitz spend and win big and then dismantle but by that time attract enough exposure to sell out

    the AAA arena of the miami heat is geographically located within a cab ride from ALL cruise boats and you pass it from the airport to the boats - quite the tourist draw

    ft lauderdale, FLA

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    if you're impress with those "ambassadors" you gotta see what goes on when the media is restricted (not that they are uninvited but that they wanna have fun too)

    all the strip clubs down here out-do themselves with charity tournaments and even UofM has a racy few outings (i guess to keep pace with FSU in the party school rankings)

    plus LT and OJ were typically regularly seen at local public courses (Melreese International Miami CC) until recently as are some other former pro players who all draw a crowd including golddigger types

    ft liquordale, FLA

  7. Not that I consider myself a golddigger type but I wouldn't mind going to some of those golf outings in Miami... and ft liquordale. ;)

  8. ashgolf,

    come on down !

    ft liquordale SoFla


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