LeBron James & Dwyane Wade - Free Agent Swingers

They're clearly the world's most fascinating NBA free agents, but which one has the better golf swing?

I don't know the answer to that but I'm guessing someone might. What I have learned is that LeBron tends to play with billionaires, which isn't surprising as he's made no secret of his desire to join their ranks. While sharing a golf cart with Warren Buffet may have allowed Mr. James to pick up some effective investment tips, I rather doubt the Bill Gates pendulum demo did much for his putting stroke and it looks to me like that particular billionaire boys outing was really boring extremely sedate.

As for Dwyane Wade, he seems more inclined towards the fun kind of golf: celebrity charity tournaments featuring pretty girls, awesome outfits and red carpet photo backdrops. As far as his actual golf skills are concerned, I have a feeling they may have been compromised by overexposure to Charles Barkley during the filming of a golf themed T-Mobile ad.

The rumor that's really been burning up the buzz-meters though is the one that placed LeBron and Dwyane together with fellow free agent Chris Bosh at Miami Golf Club for DJ Irie's recent charity Tournament and had them talking about the possibility that they all may be playing for the same south Florida team next year. Not a particularly rosy scenario if you're not into the Miami Heat.

I'd venture to guess that if this ambitious triple signing actually does happen, these gentlemen will have no trouble finding a fourth... even on very short notice.