Hilton Head - Where Golf & Beach Coexist Happily

... and when I say beach, I'm not referring to that biggreen side bunker.

I'm talking about the kind that line the shore welcoming swimmers and sunbathers... and castle builders of all ages. ~ To be able to find beaches like that side-by-side with top golf courses is about as good as it gets.

That's the first thing I thought about when I checked out some photos of Palmetto Dunes and other Hilton Head golf courses.

I immediately thought of all the couples I know where one half loves golf and the other much prefers the beach. Every year they argue bitterly encounter difficulties when it comes time to plan their vacations: Beach Resort vs Golf Resort, that becomes the question. And, of course, they ask me. Up till now I've had no easy answer, sometimes I've even suggested they just take seprate vacations.

But now that I've discovered all that Hilton Head has to offer I won't have to do that any more, because now one half can make Hilton Head tee times while the other checks out the diverse array of Hilton Head beaches.

And once waring couples can vacation together... happily ever after.