Join Us Tomorrow Night for Golf & Sex...

... on "Only Two Things", my call-in show on Blog Talk Radio.

I talked about it briefly last week. It's based on the oft repeated idea that Golf and Sex are the "only two things you can enjoy without being good at them" ...and so far the feedback's been great.

This week we officially launch our one hour show at 10:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 2!

We'll start with a recap of the latest golf news stories; the ones everyone's talking about... AND the more obscure, odd, idiosyncratic golf stories that may not have made it to everyone's radar. Call-ins are encouraged and I'd love to hear about any golf stories I may have missed. There'll also be a chatroom where you can sign-up then follow along, ask questions and make suggestions.

The second half of the show will be the "sex" part. Each week it'll be dedicated to a single topic that deals with the gender issues that sometimes... arise... in golf.

Tomorrow's topic is "Playing with the Opposite Sex" inspired by a provocative post written by popular golf blogger Heather Jones... over a year ago... for her awesome blog Real Women Golf. In the piece Ms. Jones, a very attractive married Mom of two, spoke about a first hand experience she had where she found herself matched up with a group of of random married guys for a round of golf... then later gossiped about for spending her days on the course playing golf with everyone's husband.

The response to Heather's post exposed lots of different opinions on this topic, and in conversations since then all of those opinions have all been echoed... in unpredictable. So, our topic is going to be "Playing with members of the opposite sex... when you're in a committed relationship."

So check out Heather's post and listen to the show tomorrow... and I'd love to have you call in and join the conversation.

Only Two Things
Wednesdays @ 8:00PM ET
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  1. I've got a story on that subject that's quite funny. Will definitely call if I get home in time.

  2. Isn't that one of the ten commandments? Thou shalt not play golf with thy neighbor's wife? ;)

  3. I often play with my friend's husband and she has no problem with it at all. There are others who make jokes about it and maybe gossip but we just ignore it.

  4. Yep... an awesome topic Patricia and something a lot more acceptable these days....
    Golf & Sex are a brilliant combo and there are definitely a WAGS contingent on tour now on both sides of the pond where there must be some interesting stories... let alone at the local club...
    I think golf is a brilliant 'common denominator' for Business and personal relations as it acts like a 'mirror' to show you exactly who and what someone is all about....

  5. Playing with members of the opposite sex? Sounds like fun to me :-)

  6. After the Tiger Woods scandal those wives will probably be even more protective of their husbands. One friend of mine is telling her husband he can't take his yearly guy trip to Vegas!

  7. Jealousy is human nature. Hence, golfing with members of the opposite sex can be a dicey game for married people to play. Simple rule, IF (notice I capitalized the word "if") your spouse doesn't like it, don't do it, regardless of how innocent your intentions may be. Your home life will be much less stressful if you adopt this simple rule.

    That being said, Heather Jones makes an excellent point in her post that it's not fun for women to be paired up with guys who can't behave like mature adults in the presence of a lady.

    The problem (as my wife has discovered) is that it's not easy to put together a full foursome of female golfers and, more times than not, when she and a female friend make a tee time, they end up getting paired up with a couple of guys just like the ones Heather described in her post.

    My company (which shall remain nameless so it doesn't appear I'm trying to hijack Patricia's blog for the purpose of self-promotion) will be launching a free web and mobile application later this summer that will leverage the power of the internet and social networking to make it easier for women and men to put together full foursomes for their tee times and, thereby, eliminate the risk of being paired-up with incompatible playing partners at the course. (Imagine taking the best aspects of Facebook, Twitter, eVite and eHarmony and apply them to the task of rounding up a full foursome of friends and/or other compatible golfers and you have an idea of what we're developing.)

    Based on the demographics of the golf industry, we understand the majority of our users will be men. However, we believe the service will be extremely helpful to female users since, as I mentioned above, it's more difficult for women to round up a full foursome than it is for men, due to the smaller number of female golfers in the U.S.

    In any case, we'll be soliciting input from a number of recreational women golfers during the beta testing phase of our product development to ensure our service meets the needs of the recreational golfing community.

    Jim Dauer

  8. Okay, your show is the same time as our weekly 9-hole mixers aka, beer golf. I must find a way to participate in both.

    BTW, playing with guys is SO not the problem anymore. But playing with jerks (male or female) sure is. ;o)

  9. I am not going for a commitment.Just casual sex. That does not make me a slut. The problem is that our society denies female sexuality, so then women think that they have to pretend not to want to go upstairs unless they want to be labelled as slut.


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