Join Us Tomorrow Night for Golf & Sex...

... on "Only Two Things", my call-in show on Blog Talk Radio.

I talked about it briefly last week. It's based on the oft repeated idea that Golf and Sex are the "only two things you can enjoy without being good at them" ...and so far the feedback's been great.

This week we officially launch our one hour show at 10:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 2!

We'll start with a recap of the latest golf news stories; the ones everyone's talking about... AND the more obscure, odd, idiosyncratic golf stories that may not have made it to everyone's radar. Call-ins are encouraged and I'd love to hear about any golf stories I may have missed. There'll also be a chatroom where you can sign-up then follow along, ask questions and make suggestions.

The second half of the show will be the "sex" part. Each week it'll be dedicated to a single topic that deals with the gender issues that sometimes... arise... in golf.

Tomorrow's topic is "Playing with the Opposite Sex" inspired by a provocative post written by popular golf blogger Heather Jones... over a year ago... for her awesome blog Real Women Golf. In the piece Ms. Jones, a very attractive married Mom of two, spoke about a first hand experience she had where she found herself matched up with a group of of random married guys for a round of golf... then later gossiped about for spending her days on the course playing golf with everyone's husband.

The response to Heather's post exposed lots of different opinions on this topic, and in conversations since then all of those opinions have all been echoed... in unpredictable. So, our topic is going to be "Playing with members of the opposite sex... when you're in a committed relationship."

So check out Heather's post and listen to the show tomorrow... and I'd love to have you call in and join the conversation.

Only Two Things
Wednesdays @ 8:00PM ET
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