Only Two Things & the Dawn of Cell Phone Chat Shows

First of all HUGE mega-thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for "Only Two Things", my Blog Talk Radio show and extra thanks to callers and chatroom commenters. If you missed it you can listen to a recording here.

My apologies for the technical difficulties ineptitude that caused me to... um... cut off a couple of callers. I'll be better at the moderating part next week. Promise. Sound quality and the general flow also need a tad bit of work.

That said, I think it's pretty awesome that one can conduct a call-in radio show with just a cell phone. Mobil media is definitely... going places. (pardon the pun) ~ Last week, one of the most buzzworthy stories to out of BookExpo America, the nation's largest publishing event, was cell phone novels; full novels written and popularized entirely on cell phones... and ultimately picked by major publishers and turned into best sellers. It's the rage in Japan and the movement's about to be launched here.

Anyway, golf & sex may seem like an odd pairing for a chat show however golf has more than its fair share of gender issues and just about all the recreational golfers I know have fairly strong opinions on many of them. So I think we'll have plenty to talk about in the weeks to come. If you have a topic you feel is pertinent let me know and we'll try to cover it.

I'm on the run today. I just finished spending forty-five minutes in a sand-trap (with an instructor - learning how to get out) and now I'm off to one of the finest Country Clubs in Westchester County... and the world. To meet with a client, not to play.