My Unconventional, Eclectic & Quirky US Open Picks

Tim Clark - I've been a fan of the tenacious South African for a while now, but I never knew he had a posse till I met the awesome Reluctant Jam Boy and he hooked me up with Tim Clark's Posse. I put my Tim Clark posse shirt on last night in support of my first U.E.& Q. pick. Some were skeptical but the way I see it Tim played Pebble Beach in 6 under during the AT&T in February and he's second on tour in driving accuracy, third in putting accuracy. And he's got a posse.

Miguel Angel Jimenez
- He personifies unconventional. Does a pretty good job with Eclectic and Quirky too. Ten years ago MAJ finished second at Pebble Beach. And as Mark Reason wrote in, "...there is plenty of evidence that a precise, shorter-hitting player who can shape the ball and has a great short game can win."

Tiger Woods - Neither Unconventional, Eclectic nor Quirky, despite his lackluster (for him) play of late, Tiger is still the odds-on favorite so technically he doesn't really fit the U.E.& Q. mold, however something about the way things are right now makes him fit right into the vibe of my list.

Sergio Garcia - When I mention him as a pick I generally get sighs of resignation that seem to ask: "When are you going to just let it go?" and my answer to that is "As soon as he wins a major," because even though his game has been somewhat abysmal of late, I know he'll get his major eventually, and I definitely intend to be there for it.

Ryo Ishikawa
- Multichromatic "Mr. 58" has admitted that his goal at Pebble Beach will simply be to make the cut. However I happen to think he's underrating himself, and I'm convinced that if the planets are correctly aligned there's nothing the bashful prince can't do. And in any case, he's always fun to watch.

So there you are. My Unconventional, Eclectic & Quirky US Open Picks ... Done.