Only Two Things - Eye Candy Advertising - OK/No Way?

That's our topic this week, inspired in part by an encounter I had today at the Travelers Championship. Walking the course among the golf fans, golfers, and golf media types. Were two young ladies in decidedly un-golf-like attire. As in: tiny tank tops, short skirts and knee socks. And these gals were voluptuous... to say the least. As such, they certainly stood out. (pardon the many puns)

People stared... as they would if a couple of exotic birds with multi-colored pulmage had lighted on the clubhouse lawn.

A couple of matronly women clucked disapprovingly as the two girls walked among them near the central putting green, but soon they were flagged down by a group of young men holding beers. As I walked on... in pursuit of Vijay Singh or someone... the group photos were being (raucously) taken.

Here's the thing they were advertising a website ... One called GOLFMOOLAH ...and it seemed to be working.

So, was this brilliant or low-brow?