The Sexy Golfmoolah Girls Enjoy their First Tournament

I first noticed them earlier in the week at the practice range... then saw them again yesterday by the putting green; two very shapely young ladies in very skimpy littleoutfits.

The outfits included knee socks, ultra-short skirts and body-hugging tank-tops emblazoned with the logo of their employer is the home of the GolfMoolah iPhone app, which I've got to say, looks pretty awesome. What it does is provide automated scorecards for the most popular golf wagering games and I'll definitely let you know how it is once I give it a try.

In the meantime back to the girls, though they recieved a few less than appreciateve looks from some, for the most part the reaction was ultra-positive. Particularly from what I assume is their target audience... which would be... males.

The ladies were having an awesome time. They were delighted to pose for a photo and were certainly enjoying the lead-up to the tournament.