At The Chiquita Classic: A Stenson-Inspired Striptease

While multiple layers were being worn by many at the Open Championship on the Old Course at St. Andrews, it was a far different story half way around the world in Cincinnati, OH.

That's where the Nationwide Tour is this week for the Chiquita Classic, and with the temperature hovering around 90, and humidity factoring in, there is certainly no need for Under Armour. In fact, in a scene reminiscent of a... Henrick Stenson movie... spectators were treated to a relatively rare event: "the golf tournament striptease".

The stripper golfer in question was David Morland IV, and whether he was inspired by the Swede's 2009 "revealing shot seen round the world" is not clear, but the fact is, Morland IV revealed decidedly more than what's customary at TPC River's Bend yesterday when his second shot... on the fourth hole... found the drink.

Ultimately the Canadian golfer stopped short of removing his trousers and elected to take a drop, but his flirtation with Stenson-like fame... as he contemplated his options... was captured in the photo above.

Was this the correct decision? Well I'm not quite sure: his scorecard shows a birdie on the par 3 four, followed by a 2+ bogie on five, so I'm inclined to think there may be some confusion as to exactly where Mr. Morland actually met this watery fate. In the end however he finished the round at -1 which with the cut-line projected to be -4, doesn't bode well for the weekend. You can follow the Chiquita Classic at and on Facebook.

Photo: Michael Cohen/Getty Images North America