Au Revoir Evian, a l'Année Prochaine.... Bisous!

I'm always sad to see the Evian Masters end.

Falling as it does in late July, I tend associate the end of the tournament with the beginning of the end of summer. I know we still have a month or more left but the days are already getting shorter and subliminally I've already renounced some of the more ambitious summer adventures I fantasized about in late Spring. The garden party I talked about having... and the weekend rafting trip I thought about taking, probably won't happen. It's been too busy around here to plan such things... as I knew it would be... but I look forward to the possibilities each year, and write them off as I see the lady golfers leaving the French Alps.

Beyond that though, I just really like the vibe of the Evian Masters. It may seem superficial but I love the event's bright pink color palette that looks so dynamic against the the clear blue sky. And the fact that the field is so international and the setting so magical make it special... even when one's experiencing it from afar.

And that brings me the creativity and dedication of the Evian Masters digital media and communications teams. They did an awesome job and provided tons of engaging, up-to-the-minute content... much of it interactive... over a variety of platforms: several times a day one could find regular updates, new photos, current video and live streaming. This year there was also an iPhone app - which allowed me to keep up which what was happening on the shores of Lac Leman from the shores of coastal Connecticut where I was sailing on Saturday.

But that was then. This is now, and now the destination is Royal Birkdale Golf Club and the Ricoh Women's British Open and though the atmosphere is quite different, it's the season's final major and with all that's going on it promises to be an ultra-compelling tournament.

In preparation I recommend reading the astutely updated "2010 predictions" post of The Constructivistwriting atMostly Harmless. ~ No one I've read knows women's professional golf... on a global scale... they way he does, and he as a great way of breaking it down into bite sized pieces. In another recent post he crunched some enlightening Number-One-Player stats. Both are below:

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