Golf Just Got Sexier - Poodle at the Tenerife Ladies Open

There's no shortage of sizzle in Tenerife this weekend.

The ruggedly beautiful Spanish Island... which lies off the coast of Africa... has long been a popular tourist destination for Northern Europeans in search of sunshine, and for the past several days it's played host to the LET's Tenerife Ladies Open.

Buenavista golf course
where the tournament is taking place designed by Seve Ballesteros and features amazing Atlantic ocean vistas backed by the dramatic peaks of the Tenos mountains.

The final round is set to begin in just a few hours, with eight-time Solheim Cup player, Trish Johnson leading by three. The thing that I always find amazing when I look at an LET leaderboard is how many different nationalities are represented and this tournament is no exception. I counted 19 different flags on today's board.

Unique golf apparel designer Poodle, is a sponsor at this year's Tenerife Ladies Open and has outfitted several of the players in awesomely eye catching outfits. Frédérique Seeholzer, Nathalie David-Mila and Anastasia Kostina are wearing Poodle's sexy, athletic chic styles.

Poodle, I found out, is as "global" as the Ladies European Tour. Based in Amsterdam, they partner with exciting golf events and initiatives all over Europe, their designs reflect global influences as well. ... and I was amazed to find out that founder Wendy Byrne grew up in New Milford (about 10 minutes from where I live) and often caddied for her dad in tournaments at Candlewood Valley Country Club, where I play all the time.

Below is a short clip featuring Frédérique, Nathalie and Anastasia wearing Poodle in Tenerife. It'll give you an glimpse of how uniquely stylish the Poodle line is. I also put in a photo of American player (and BigBreak Ka'annapali winner) Kim Welsh, who's also playing in the tournament. To find out more about Poodle and see additional styles check out their Website, Facebook and Flickr pages. And... you can follow them on Twitter.

If you like unique globally influenced golf fashion you'll definitely want to keep up with Poodle.


  1. I need that dress! Is there anywhere we can buy Poodle in the US? I noticed they ship here from Europe via the website but if there's anyplace here I'd prefer it. :-|

  2. good looking line for sure, and I particularly like the name. I'm curious if other like that name for a women's golf apparel line???

  3. I am staring on the video how come no one asks where I get my clothes from ? We'll suppose I am a man ..Good Luck from sunny Tenerife

  4. Heather & Ash - I'm going to talk to Wendy about Poodle in the US and will keep you posted.

    Ballman - Poodle is indeed an awesome and unusual name for a golf apparel company. Inspired by the agile, playful and very chic canine, the name is definitely one everyone will remember.

    Sir Old Golfer - that case your profile photo doesn't do you justice at all.

    What are you wearing? In the video I mean. ;-) ~BTW - your "Golfing in Tenerife" is such a fun & interesting read. It's so much more that a local golf travel site... though it does that very well... it's also an entertaining first-hand account of a passionate golfer living a global golf lifestyle. Anyway, that's how I see it and I highly recommend it to all my readers.

  5. "Can women golfers be sexy AND competitive?" I think Poodle answers the question you asked a few days ago with an emphatic YES! Put me on the list with Heather and Ash.

  6. So can someone hook me up with Anastasia please.

  7. Is it just my imagination or do the ladies of the LET have more fun than the ladies of the LPGA? They've said the same about the men's tours, the European Tour vs the PGA Tour. Don't know how true it is.

  8. Spain is on a roll lately Jimenez wins the French Open, Nadal wins Wimbledon and they made the World Cup semi-finals. Buenavista looks lovely as to the Poodle-clad ladies. ;)

  9. We were there at the Ladies Open in Tenerife, many of the girls were wearing Poodle clothing and they look fantastic. Just what ladies golf needs, making it more sexy!


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