David Williams Solves Golf Memorabilia Mystery

My compliments to David Williams of Willow Golf in Melbourne, Australia.
His response was the last one to come in today, and... he got it right. ~ The dainty looking object of mint green glass... with the tiny duffer on top... is actually a lighter that dates back to golf's golden age.

There were many valiant attempts to identify the odd little item, but in the end, Mr. Williams' answer was the only correct one. I know I wouldn't have gotten it, I was clueless until I saw the lighter illuminated in one of the small photos. It was only then that I actually understood.

But David Williams... I found out today when I read his story... grew up with golf and has dedicated his life to the game. He's a PGA professional who's played... and won... at a high level and is now the Teaching Professional at Beaconhills Country Golf Club. He attributes his success as a golf coach to the time he spent in the US with Chuck Evans of the Medicus Golf Institute.

Willow Golf's motto is "Live to Play Better Golf, and their site contains copious content to assist in that mission including podcasts and videos. They also have a Facebook page.

So thanks again everyone for participating in this little golf guessing game, and once again, Congrats to David. The following is the full seller's description of this awesome object:

Rare Antique Cigar/Cigarette Lighter. Electric, Jadeite, Art Deco Glass, Golfer, ca. 1920's - 30's.

"Here is a wonderful electric cigar or cigarette lighter, vintage 1920s to early 30s. It is green jadeite, art deco style with a golfer on the top, made of base metal with remnants of silver-plate remaining. It is electric, and in full working condition.

This seller has never seen anything like it before. An exhaustive search on-line has failed to turn up anything like it. It is difficult to determine the manufacturer, but it may be Fire King, McKee or Jeanette Glass Co.

This piece is 2 1/4" tall, or 3 3/4" tall including the golfer. The electrical cord has been replaced, it has been rewired, and it works! The lighter is in perfect condition. There are no chips, cracks, flakes or crazing. There is no rust or discoloration. The bottom has a mica disk. When plugged into an electrical outlet and turned upside down, electrical points make contact and the lighter immediately glows red.

This is a wonderful and VERY RARE piece of tobacciana for the collector -- of lighters, jadeite, golf memorabilia or curiosities."