Playmate Shannon James on the Art of the Golf Hookup

Shannon James is one of Playboy's most popular playmates; a brown-eyed platinum blonde with a stunning... smile. Among other attributes.

As hostess at the Playboy Golf events that take place all over the country, this playmate spends quite a bit of time on the golf course. And in's popular column, The Hookup, she recently offered advice to golf guys on how to best link up with ladies in a golf setting.

Shannon addresses golf apparel issues, as well as possible pick-up lines, suggesting some moves that might be effective, and cautioning against others that... probably wouldn't wouldn't work too well. It's all done in the brand's characteristically playful, tongue-in-cheek (don't even go there) manner.

The thing that stood out for me was that the article was actually inspired by the fact that more and more women are playing golf these days... and that this can actually make a day at the course more fun.

Now guys, you should keep in mind that it's important to assess a woman's ability before following Shannon's suggestion to... "give her some pointers, like showing her how to properly hold the club and swing." ~ I can think of a few women... like our ladies league champion, or my friend with a single digit handicap... who would probably not respond well to that form of flirtation. But as long as you keep such details in mind, you should be fine.

The piece
also contains a poll that invites readers to weigh in on the question: "Would you hit on a woman while you’re on the golf course?" and the answers might surprise you... or not.

Finally, the Playboy Advisor deals with a question that's been coming up a lot lately: Is Golf On the Way Out? I think you'll appreciate the answer. So check in with Shannon James and the other golf-minded people at

And... don't forget about the Playboy Scrambles. Last week's NY event was rescheduled due to rain. It'll now be held on October 12. In the meantime on September 27, there's the Boston event. I'm going and I'm really looking forward to it. There are still foursomes available too, so check it out if your in the market for a fun day on the golf course.