Golf Course Streakers Use Velcro for Quick Stripping

Some called it a yawn... others labeled it a snooze fest.

In both cases the implication was that the runaway win of affable, understated Louis Oosthuizen, made the 2010 Open Championship about as exciting as a slo-mo game of Shuckle.

However, what few realized was that the potential for mayhem was, in fact there, lurking among the friendly faces of avid golf fans in the galleries of the Old Course. And it was ready to rear its chaotic head ... or tail... but for the vigilance of the brave marshals in charge of crowd control.

One such marshal, by the name of Andrew, is featured this episode of CNN International's excellent "Living Golf" and he enlightens us on a few of the diabolical ways rogue golf fans might stir up trouble. The most shocking, involve Velcro clothes and Super Glue.

Evidently Andrew was able to keep the would-be hooligans at bay and circumvent the possibility of a showdown in the stands. However there were surely some spectators... and more than a few journalists... who would have appreciated little more contention on the course.

BTW - CNN International’s Living Golf is one of the rare shows that's consistently entertaining for both golfers and non-golfers. They tell the seldom seen back stories that shape the tournaments and inspire the players. The show also features revealing interviews with golf's icons... and its rising stars.

This month Living Golf talks to a post-Open Louis Oosthuizen, as well as former Open Champions Peter Thompson, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Tom Lehman and Tom Watson... plus, former winning Ryder Cup Captain Sam Torrance exclusively interviews this year's Euro-Captain, Colin Montgomerie. Here's a clip from the show. I'm trying to find out where I can watch Living Golf (and CNN International) here in the US... haven't found it on my Dish Network... I will update you with further info as I get it.

Those who do get CNN International can watch this month's episode on Thursday 5th August at 1330 and 1730 BST; Saturday 7th August at 0830, 1830 and 2100 BST; Sunday 8th August at 0400, 0830 and 1600 BST