Global Golf Adventures - Nepal's Lofty Links

In the 60s and 70 Nepal was a magnet for idealistic young globetrotters traveling overland on modest budgets in search of spiritual enlightenment... and/or cheap cannabis. They they came from all corners of the world and stayed for just a few dollars a night in the rustic hostels on Kathmandu's Freak Street.

Flash forward a few decades. Freak street is still there, in the heart of Kathmandu, however these days it's far less... freaky. It's become a kind of museum to the colorful mid twentieth century hippies who once embraced its earthy simplicity. ~ A gradual gentrification has taken place in the city, aided by the arrival of international luxury hotels. Clean, well-appointed rooms... and myriad optional excursions... are available to travelers these days, and unique golf adventures are now being offered by a number of travel companies.

Golf adventurers can now hop on private helicopter and fly to an ultra-lofty driving range perched in the shadow of Mt. Everest. Imagine hitting balls at an altitude of 14,500 feet... without supplemental oxygen. The scenery would undoubtedly be spectacular, but I'm not sure I'd definitely opt for the small bucket.

Far more relaxing would be a round Gokarna Golf Club located in the former Royal family’s hunting reserve. And in case you're feeling a bit insecure about your high altitude golf skills, an excursion with iconic adventure travel company Cox & Kings even includes a pre-round ceremony conducted by Buddhist monks to wish you luck and bless your clubs. How awesome is that?

In the next few weeks I'll be posting about a variety of Global Golf Adventures in anticipation of my own upcoming multi-continent golf excursion set to begin in early 2011. Golf is present... and growing... in so many seemingly unlikely places. In the current climate I feel that's an important story.

via Urban Daddy.