Did Journalists Inspire Obama Golf Style Makeover?

One of the more divisive dress code issues in golf is the one that involves cargo shorts; the enormously popular, sometimes voluminous, multi-pocketed shorts that first appeared on the fashion scene in the early 90s. Cargo shorts can be worn in varying lengths but are distinguished by the quantity and capacity of their pockets. Early on the look was almost exclusively associated with Fratboy types who'd wear them with A&F T-shirts and woven hemp necklaces or maybe an oversize, collar-poped polo shirt.

Then cargo shorts evolved. The pockets lost their pleats and the legs got leaner. Designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren created their own renditions of the style and eventually spawned a sub-category we'll call... um... "dressy cargo shorts". ~ And that's when they transcended the college-aged crowd and found their way into grown-up wardrobes.

But still, when it comes to the golf course, cargos... no matter their provenance... can still be polarizing.

I first wrote about the issue more than two years ago, and have revisited it a couple of times since, most recently in December of 2008 when our newly elected President was first spotted... while playing golf in Hawaii... in a pair of ample khaki shorts with a perfusion of pockets; classic cargo shorts. ~ Since he took office, the Commander-in-Chief has been seen in cargo shorts on a number of different courses, much to the consternation of those who don't deem the style "golf-appropriate".

A week ago I was catching up with my reading over at The A Position... where a network of established journalists post high quality golf and travel content... and I noticed that Hal Phillips, aka. "The Curmudgeon", had addressed the Presidential cargo conundrum in his first Curmudgeon podcast. He brings in fellow A Position wordsmiths, Larry Olmsted and Tom Harack, who weigh in on the President's penchant for pockets and pleats... and they're clearly in the "don't-care-for-cargos" camp. ~ Then the end of the week new photos came out of the President playing golf on Martha's Vinyard, wearing elegantly tailored long trousers! Yes, it appears he took the journalist's "Sartorial Screed" to heart and changed his billowy, dress-code-defying ways ...or maybe he was just dressing for the impending cool front.

Photos - Before:AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, After:AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Cargo Boys:GolfGirlMedia

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