Only Two Things - Do Guys Care What They Wear?

You've probably seen them at your course: Dowdy Dan and Sloppy Sam. Lumpy Larry and Baggy Bill will often round out the unfashionable foursome.

The clothes they wear are classic... but not in the good sense. No... I mean in the unimaginative, oversize sense... that such men swear by. Muted colors, conservative cuts... outfits that look like afterthoughts.

Meanwhile, many/most lady golfers dress for success... sartorially speaking... and now have an extraordinary choice of designers and styles. They shop at pro shops, or on the internet, and anecdotal evidence suggests most shop with some degree of enjoyment.

There are of course, guys like Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler... fearless individualists who've never met a skittle color they didn't like. But many guys I know, when they're heading to the course, just throw on whatever they find in their closet that day.

So, do guys care what they wear? Or is it just not something that'll ever be too important to them. That's what we'll be talking about tonight on "Only Two Things". We'll be broadcasting from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET. And you can weigh in on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592. Or join the conversation in the chat room or on Twitter... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio. Talk to you tonight.