Only Two Things - Of Red Tees and Big Egos

This is a topic I've written about before: Playing from the ladie's tees... red tees... front tees.

As I wrote last year, there seems to be an invisible emasculation demarcation line on American golf courses that men know not to cross. It varies depending on the number of tee boxes, but there's never any question about where it lies... and if a man crosses it, he may as well be playing golf in a dress... or a powder pink ballerina tutu.

I also know a couple of ladies who clamor to "play from the tips with the guys" though they clearly don't have the distance. However, several studies confirm what we've all always suspected; women are far less likely to overestimate their distance when asked.

Yep, basically, it's a guy thing. And while I have no problem with a little tee box overreach when the course isn't busy, it's quite annoying on a busy Sunday when Billy Backtees and his buddies allow their over-sized egos to sabotage the pace of play.

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