Golf Games: Sex + Justin Bieber = A Birdie on Twirdie

... and it happened at Rabbit Hill on my first attempt.

OK you're probably wondering about my headline... and/or thinking it was the most gratuitous attempt at link baiting you'd ever encountered. But here's the thing, there's nothing gratuitous about it. I'm writing about an amazing online golf game, and once you try it I think you'll see what I mean.

Twirdie looks... and sounds... like a lot of other such games... at first. However this game relies on elements of Twitter, and the strength of your swing depends on the relative power of popular words. In a nutshell instead of taking a swing, you enter a word and Twirdie uses tweets from the past 60 seconds to determine ball flight. The more times your word has been tweeted, the stronger your shot. Get it?

So for example, Rabbit Hill was a par 4 and I entered the word "golf" ...which got me a paltry 15 yards off the tee. Then I thought about it. (Like golf, Twirdie is a cerebral game) I realized that though it may be huge on my own Twitter timeline, in the scheme of things "golf" was probably quite minuscule. The equivalent of a sand wedge I'd guess. So I came to my senses and realized I needed something more powerful. That's where "sex" came in. I got a more robust 57 yards from that word, but still had 88 yards to the hole. So I bravely pulled out my "Justin Bieber". If anything was going to get me to the green it would be the perpetually trending teen singing sensation. And sure enough not only did I make the green, the ball rolled squarely into the hole. Thus my Rabbit Hill birdie. On Twirdie.

I found Twirdie via the brilliant Chris Devers where I find lots of good/strange things. If you like golf and you use Twitter, I'm pretty sure you'll have fun with this game. ~ And yes, popular words do make good link bait.

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