Women on Course - A Great Way to Get Into Golf

As a passionate recreational golfer who always (seriously... always) has a great time on the golf course, I'm surprised at how often women tell me they hate the game.

Upon further questioning it usually turns out that they've had "an experience"... on a golf course or at a golf center... that's made them uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that they've decided the benefits of the game... fresh air, exercise, social interaction, networking possibilities... just aren't worth the time it would take to get good enough to play with others. Some women claim they've been criticized by more competitive players, while others maintain they're routinely heckled for their less-than-stellar shots... but many simply said they felt insecure, inept and ultimately excluded as beginners in such a challenging sport.

Enter Women on Course. It's a golf networking organization that offers women golf at its most inclusive, with unique business and social golf events for women entering ... and already active in... the game.

I've attended several of their events and seen first hand how effective they are at providing fun and creative formats in which beginners and experienced players can learn, play and experience golf and the golf lifestyle.

When I received their schedule today I was happy to note that the list of events had grown substantially with more locations in more regions of the country. I'm looking forward to the Boston Golf Experience at the end of the month. If you're looking for a more inclusive less intimidating way to get into golf and meet people... or if you've been playing for years and just want to change it up a bit... check out Women On Course and see if there's an event in your area.

Oh...and definitely check out their Tales from the Tee Blog. It's full of good stuff.