GolfStinks - One Year of Unorthodox Golf Insight

I'm notoriously bad with birthdays but occasionally I manage to catch one before it's too late. To that end, I want wish a Happy 1st to guys at GolfStinks.

These days new golf blogs come and go like the wind on a coastal course, so a full year of consistently clever posts... at regular intervals... is something of an accomplishment. And when the posts are written in a voice I can relate to... ie. that of a golfer who don't always break 100... it's even better. Because up till now, despite the wealth of golf blogs out there, I still encounter very few golf writers who'll admit to a three digit score in writing.

The GolfStinks guys are smart too, and they explore the lesser known stories. Touching tales of golf's historical figures, awesome stories of golf giving and the kind of stories that really make you think. ~ Today in honor of the B'Day they posted links to the year's top five posts.

So Happy Birthday Guys. GolfStinks definitely doesn't stink.