Maria Verchenova's Awesome Facebook Profile Photo

She's a professional golfer and a fashion designer. Her favorite golf course is in South Africa, and when it comes to cuisine she favors Italian.

Maria Verchenova is the epitome of a global golfer... and judging from her current facebook profile photo, she's pretty resourceful when if comes to air travel. Maria's got a fanpage too... and a website.

If you're very intrepid, you can try to keep up with her.


  1. She scrubs up very well too...

    This is Maria at the Pro Am reception at the Ladies Tenerife Open. I played with the blond girl, also Russian, Anastasia Kostina. Also in the picture Kim Welsh and Jeehea Lee all European Ladies Tour Players.

  2. I love the photos SOG! Looks like you live a pretty amazing life.

  3. From a style standpoint Maria is definitely my favorite female golfer. Please let us know when her apparel line becomes available. :)


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