Only Two Things - Who Cheats More - Men or Women?

This week an LPGA cheating scandal hit the internet.

In involves accusations based on secondhand accounts, and some suspect that an ugly element of anti-Korean xenophobia may have come into play because the accuser, LPGA caddy/blogger, Larry Smich has a history of "issues" with Korean players.

The situation is currently under investigation and I think it's wise to reserve judgment until the facts become clear, however I did receive an email not long ago from a reader/listener who asked, "Which sex is more likely to cheat, Men or Women?" She'd just played in a scramble at a golf event with some colleagues and was quite surprised to find what she described as "a culture of cheating among the men".

"Though it wasn't a highly competitive event," she complained, "there was a "nice prize" for the winning team, and as such the "so-called lite cheating" struck me and the other women who were playing as blatantly wrong".

My reader didn't go into detail, but from what I gathered the men had no such qualms, and that's what led to her question. In light of the LPGA incident last week, I think this makes for a very interesting topic.

So here's the question: "Which sex is more likely to cheat, Men or Women?" And we'll apply it not only to golf, but also to relationships, business and life in general.

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