Only Two Things - Of Tiger Woods & Ryder Cup Wives

Choosing this week's topic was a classic no-brainer.

Yesterday morning's announcement that the world's number one golfer would be on Captain Corey Pavin's US Ryder Cup team, launched into high gear the feigned indignation... not to mention the myriad jokes about resentful wives... that have been circulating since early summer.

For weeks now in golf forums and on message boards, there's been lively discussion about the US Ryder Cup wives and how they might react to a Tiger on the team. I'm not kidding. Quite a few golf scribes and tons of commenters have been weighing in on this, um... weighty issue. And from the standpoint of a female golf observer, it's been funny/disturbing to watch.

On Golf Channel's "24/7 Tiger" board, this question came up a couple of weeks ago:

"Do the Ryder Cup Wives want Tiger on the team?" elicited 75 comments and one of the first was:

"Ok, here is a real life test for you... you and your wife are best friends with another couple... you find out that Bob has been having multiple affairs and now they are getting divorced... Are you still friends with both? ...Which one do you think your wife will want to see in the future? ...Think she will welcome Bob's newest teenage queen of the week over for dinner? ...This happens all the time. ...If you go to tour events, you will see the wives in packs following their guys... they are easy to spot. or hear. listen for the clinking of all the jewelry and the fact they are all wearing makeup and perfume vs the regular female fan."

Now first of all, who says regular female fans don't wear makeup and perfume... and lots of clinky jewelery??? But that's beside the point. The comments on that comment started pouring in, and many of them went something like this:

"Ok, here's a real answer for you... I'm the man of my household, if I choose to have any of my friend over, no matter what their situation is, then that's what I'll do....If my wife doesn't agree with it then that will be her issue. I don't have to check with her"

Then of course, there were variations on the theme, like this:

No!.....It would go something like this... Hey woman, I'm going out with Tiger, and if you don't like it you can hit the bricks... You do know that I made two million dollars last year, don't you? Then i would hear...Ok my king, go right ahead....have a good time. I'll conclude with, I'll be back before sunrise."

Additional commenters pondered the possibility that Tiger might bring along a "dubious" date... and explored the "awkward" logistics of seating a solo Tiger at Ryder Cup dinners:

"The wives do a lot of stuff together, charity, etc... Think they want him around reminding them of how easy it is for hubby to mess around on the road? ...What if Tiger shows up with a new hired escort? ...Think she will fit in?... Or will he show up alone...what table is he going to sit at?"

Still others addressed the impact "huffy wives" might have on the team's focus:

"Has anyone here ever argued with your spouse and tried to go to work the next day as if nothing happened? It tends to be rather ineffective. I say this because I think some of the wives would get huffy with their husbands about it and that argumentative setting would be a distraction."

So yes. While some might say the wives don't matter, other clearly feel they do, and it seems that quite a few men have convinced themselves that the Ryder Cup wives react like "women scorned", greeting Tiger with open hostility and hassling their husbands just for being on the same team with him. ~ "Real journalists" were weighing in as well.'s PGA Tour Confidential touched on the topic in their round table on Pavin's Picks:

Senior editor Mike Walker suggests that, "There won't be problems with the other wives or nonsense like that..." but executive editor Charlie Hanger, countered: "...I'm not so sure that the wives' opinions of Tiger won't have an impact. Will any wives really be happy to see their hubbys palling around with the great philanderer, and will any of them want to sit next to him at the team dinners?" ~ A bit of puerile pondering ensued regarding who'd be Tiger's date at the Ryder galas.

And the thing is, from the early days of the Tiger Woods scandal, this is the narrative many male golf scribes have been pushing, "women... particularly married/attached women... all over the world are very angry with Tiger. They've been highly insulted by his behavior and never want to seem him play golf again" plus... "they feel quite sure their husbands/boyfriends will be influenced by Tiger's reported philandering."

Meanwhile, very few (like, two) of the countless women I've spoken to on the subject harbor any of those feelings. And I'd venture to guess it's the same with the Ryder Cup wives. I'm pretty sure the wives will be just fine with Tiger... and I don't think any of them will object to being seated next to him either. Solo or with date.

What to you think? When it comes to Tiger, are women in fact, collectively "scorned"... or is that just a storyline created by guys? ...And either way, will it have an effect on the Ryder Cup wives...or their husbands?

That's what we'll be talking about tonight on "Only Two Things". We'll be broadcasting from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET. And you can weigh in on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592. Or join the conversation in the chat room or on Twitter... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio. Talk to you tonight.

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  1. I tend to agree with you. I think it makes a good story and I also think men love to believe in good girls vs bad girls. The Ryder Cup wives being the classic good girls.

  2. Yeah and wouldn't it be great for the story if Tiger did bring a "dubious" date? Then they could describe how all the nice girls snubbed her. Maybe there could even be a cat-fight or two. I like it.

  3. I think the women who'll be uncomfortable or angry are the ones who do trust their own husbands/boyfriends. I hardly see Steve Stricker's wife having an issue or Jim Furyk's. I think it's like it would be at an office party or neighborhood function. Everyone'll have fun and be cordial. Maybe there'll be some gossip exchanged behind the scenes - after all these women don't see eachother that often - but there won't be the fuss some of the media are hinting at.

  4. Average Golfer9/08/2010 7:13 PM

    They're playing golf for a week, then going home. It's not like Woods is moving in next door. British tabs will feast on it, but then again, that's what they do.

  5. I think any one of those wives would much prefer to be seated next to Tiger than "The Captainess"! What a self-absorbed Mother-of-the-Bride monster that Lisa Pavin sounds like.

  6. I've got to agree Jen, The Captainess sounds like a TRUE nightmare. She's that PTA Mom who keeps everyone in line. The wives are going to be far too busy being shepherded around by her to worry about Tiger.

  7. I'll be glad to give an opinion but I need to check with my wife first

  8. What the wives think? Seriously? I guess it's human to hang on to the gossip but really, can we move on.

  9. I'm with TheGolfClub. I admit to not keeping up with my Internet reading these days, but as a golfer, a wife, a mother, and a huge fan of the sport, this subject NEVER entered my mind until I read about the debate here.

    Now, what the WAGS are wearing (along with the teams) is another story entirely.

    Move along folks and enjoy The Ryder Cup.

  10. I think the wives will miss Elin but I don't believe they will snub Tiger. I think these women know their role in the proceedings after all this is a professional work event for their husbands not the neighborhood bbq.

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