Rafa Nadal: Sexy Spanish Golf Guy Also Plays Tennis

Yes, he does play tennis. Quite well too, in fact he's currently No. 1 in the world. However, this is a golf blog so that's what we're focusing on here. You see, Rafa plays golf too. Often with fellow SSGG Sergio Garcia.

Señor Nadal is a regular at the El Castelló Masters ProAm, which Sergio hosts in his home town. Both golf and tennis fans come out en masse for the event, particularly female fans, who sometimes get a bit carried away... with the golf action.

Right now Rafael Nadal is in New York for the US Open where he's hoping to win the event for the first time and complete a career grand slam. In the meantime he been doing some fun things in Gotham. Like the Nike Prime Time Knockout where he played a match with gorgeous SI swimsuit model Bar Refaeli.

But again... back to golf, and here's the thing: the September edition of CNN International's excellent Open Court features an interview with the reigning W#1 of tennis... that takes place over a round of golf. And Rafa reveals a lot. Like that he loves Broadway musicals... and fishing. He also talks about his obsession with soccer stats and his feelings about the media.

The show airs on CNN International Thursday September 9th at 1230 and 1730 BST; Saturday September 11th at 0730 and 2100 BST; Sunday September 12th at 0430, 0830 and 1600 BST; Monday September 13th at 0230 BST. I realize many in the US don't get CNN International but it's well worth it to check with your cable company... you may even want to lobby them to carry it if they don't. Anyway here's a sneak peek at the upcoming show.