Only Two Things - The Professional Athlete's Partner

Ryder Cup week has been underway for a couple days now and we're quickly getting to know an international cast of WAGs.

We saw them as they first set foot on Welsh soil... disembarking with their partners from the team's aircraft... and later, sitting primly in rows for a fashion show.  A classically posed group shot is already making the rounds.

There have already been numerous stories of impending clashes between the Captain's wives, and entire features on the most alluring WAG's .... features. And that's fine. Many of enjoy such stories, weather we'll admit it or not, we're genuinely interested in what these ladies are wearing, how they're reacting and

And that's where tonight's topic comes in. Have you ever heard of HABs? Do you ever remember reading any fluffy features about the husbands and boyfriends of female golfers? Or female athletes in any sport? Have you ever seen smiling male "partners" in perfectly posed group portraits? Not so much, right?

And that brings us to our subject: What exactly is the role of a professional athlete's partner and why is is so different for women and men? That's what we'll be talking about tonight on Only Two Things. You can join the conversation on-air by using our call-in number, which is: 917-889-9592. Or weigh in at the chat room or on Twitter... or just have a listen at Blog Talk Radio. Talk to you tonight.


  1. I find it hard to believe anyone would give a rats behind about the WAGs, but they do seem to be generating more than their fair share of headlines here in the UK. Go figure.

  2. The "Captainess" is a one-woman PR department.

  3. So true about the absence of any any sports... to HABs.

    It's like there's no such thing. :\

  4. Unless they're celebrities no one is particularly interested in the husbands/boyfriends and this has to do with society.

    All a woman has to do is be attractive and people are interested, a man has to have accomplished something in order to be interesting.

  5. Well, there are features about the HABs but they tend to be a bit more stable than the WAGs. Most of the time, the HABs are often seen with the female athlete's children, watching her compete rather than doing stupid things like WAGs do, such as mingling with the opposite sex at bars, spending too much money, etc. The worst thing a sports HAB could do is be involved in a fight or a riot with a bunch of other guys, which rarely happens because sports HABs of female athletes are typically real dads of their children, supporters, and sometimes training partners, especially if these female athletes are celebrities. If you notice the majority of sportswomen's famous HABs are either sportsmen themselves, their own coaches, journalists, writers, photographers, or even movie or TV producers vs attractive actors, male models, or singers, not unless their careers are sports-related or are stunt men or dancers.


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