I Tweet U Not - The Ryder Cup Twitter Rule

by Jordan Farr
Whether or not you think the newly-enacted Ryder Cup “no tweet law" belongs in the “Stupid Law Book” ... you should know it’s has been implemented for a reason.

What that reason is, I don’t think anyone quite knows for sure. However, what is clear is that some golfers believe it’s down right silly, unfair and quite... um... ignorable.

The European team’s ever-so-social Ian Poulter is officially the first of the Ryder Cup players to conveniently overlook the no tweeting law. And he did so with the utmost respect for everyone’s privacy.

Oh, I would list all of the player’s twitter handles here, but I don't think their Captains want you distracting them.

BTW - I spent yesterday playing golf with GolfGirl... and I believe I spotted her Tweeting on several occasions.