"Mashed Potato" and Other Acceptable Golf Shouts

Despite excessive sogginess,  the crowds on day one of the 2010 Ryder Cup held it together admirably.

As darkness fell on the saturated Celtic Manor course, fans filed out via muddy footpaths, dodging massive puddles.  Those with a flair for the dramatic called it a disaster. ~ However, watching the rain-delayed event from here on the east coast of the US, I was reminded... quite vividly... of the summer of 2009, when I spent a waterlogged week at the US Open at Bethpage Black.  The meteorological conditions seemed remarkably similar,  though I'd guess it's quite a bit colder in Wales right now than it was on Long Island that steamy week in June.

Yes it was a rather chaotic day, with play interrupted several times as fairways flooded over,  but in the end,  I'm quite sure the fans who were there will be rewarded for their patience with lasting memories. I know I have some great ones from that aqueous 2009 U.S. Open.

The action starts up again in about 15 minutes... at 3:00AM here... and there are myriad options for those who wish to watch live, receive updates or cheer on their respective teams and players via social networks and message boards.  I'll see how much I can stay awake for. (this being on the heels of four-and-a-half hours of poker in a smoke-filled salon)

One recounting I refuse to  miss,  is Ben Dirs' blog for BBC Sport, and I particularly enjoy his Match of the Day live blogs.  He's engaging and informative. And fun. The exchanges he has with his readers are often highly amusing.  Yesterday there was this whimsical  bit regarding American golf shouts.

“As if ‘get in the hole’ couldn’t get any worse… the best I’ve heard is also an American shout ‘mashed potato’ straight after a drive. Peculiar to say the least.”  

“Re acceptable shouts, ‘get in the puddle’ or ‘get in the casual water’ could maybe work after a US tee shot?” 

"... you don’t shout 'go in the hole', you drop the 'go' and scream the rest very, very loud.

“I once heard an American scream ’swallow the apple’ just after Faldo hit a drive. Never quite been able to work out what he meant.” 

Other than the requisite ‘Europe, Europe, Europe’ and ‘Go in the hole’ what else are acceptable golf shouts?” 

“As a Europe fan, please, please definitely do not shout 'go in the hole’.  Leave this to our American cousins at all costs!”

We yanks do get a bit obnoxious at times, don't we?