Ryder Cup Rain & Golf at the Commonwealth Games

Europe has been looking quite dominant at Celtic Manor since play resumed earlier today under a precarious double rainbow.

However, with the tournament set to spill into Monday, the outcome is far from decided.  The Monday finish... and controversy regarding tickets...  once again provided a Bethpage flashback.  It's inherently difficult to administrate weather issues at events this big.

But for now Westwood is trending and the dowdiness of "Captain CoMo" is dissipating, as the European team puts away foursomes and fourballs. ~ However on our side at the moment, Rickie Fowler is being brilliant... as he often will be... and he's giving US fans something to cheer tweet about. @nouses, "Rickie Fowler, you are ridiculous. Eagle on 11, fighting back."

Watching the #rydercup time-line flow past on Twitter is uniquely entertaining;  it's an unlikely juxtaposition of subtlty and vitriol,  as in:  @FannyIngabout, "I quite fancy Graham McDowell. #thereivesaidit" and @JojoDonovan, "Shut it blubber Watson!!!! See Westwood's celebration for tips to celebrate with dignity"

And so it goes.  It's a huge event and the international rivalry aspect is perfectly presented in the live global forum that is Twitter ~ But there's another massive sporting event trending right now.

The Commonwealth Games begin today, and what happens there... in Delhi, India... will have more impact on the future of international sports competitions... including golf tournaments... than many seem to realize. 

India's ability to pull off these games has been called into question repeatedly during the lead-up to today's opening ceremonies.  As recently a couple of weeks ago some were whispering that the country might just not be ready.  The allegations of corruption and the evidence of shoddy construction many wonder if the infrastructure improvements needed for something so massive this were too ambitious.  On the other hand most agree that if this does work well, it'll provide a huge boost for all sports and potential sporting events, in one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies.

Golf won't be part of the Commonwealth Games this year, although it might be in the future.  It seems the golf simulator in the athletes village has become hugely popular among sportsmen and women of all nationalities event those who've never played the game.  So much so that it's being written... and tweeted... about quite profusely. Which I think is kind of awesome.

Now, getting back to the Ryder Cup tweets, lets see...  @AbGatorade, "This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion" ... @Smithkyle4, "Europe will surrender at some point, as per tradition" 

Alrighty then,  I'm off to play nine at Richter Park.  Catch up with you later.

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  1. The way things went today for team USA I wish I would've been watching the CWG. :(

  2. There are a number of factors one can blame for the less than stellar performance of the US team thus far, but clearly, the European team is solid and cohesive. That doesn't surprise too many people. What does it the collective respect and admiration they have for their captain. Many felt Monty would have issues with some of the players that might cause problems. No evidence of that that I can see.

  3. This is going to be another Brookline. I can feel it.

  4. .

    cory pavin can concede the ryder cup and give his congratulations to the european team now

    blame it on the time difference ?

    the short par 4, 371 yard #15, as johnny miller pointed out, was no benefit to the long US hitters who never won it to europe winning it six times



    good for them

    anyway be well


    tiger needs to get his groove back

  5. I turned out to be an extremely exciting Monday finish. The Molinari/Fowler match was epic and bodes well for the future of both European and US golf.

  6. I woke up just in time for the last few holes of Molinari/Fowler and it was stressful to the max. I can't imagine how RF was able to make that putt in those conditions. I wish the Mahan/McDowell match had been similar...but the Europeans played very well and the US now has to start focusing on 2012. I'm pretty sure Rickie will be on that team. ;)

  7. Ricky Fowler,..... wow,...he was great, played some fantastic golf over the last few holes. Completely ouplayed the Italian - lucky it didn't go on to a 19th Hole.
    Lucky for us Europeans, we had McDowell - what a strong golfer to have in the position, unflappable.
    Good golfing to you all.


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