Australian Masters - Sergio Garcia Girlfriend/Golf Update

Sergio Garcia experienced quite a reversal of fortunes on the golf course yesterday.  A rain-soaked third round at Australian Masters resulted in a six-over 77, mirroring... and effectively nullifying... his six-under of Friday.

Hopefully what's happening off the course (romantically speaking) will be enough to erase all images of the inauspicious, water-logged round.

So... here's what I found out about the brunette beauty whose been seen on the Spaniard's arm these past several days:  Her name is Silvia.  Silvia... get this... Garcia.  - Yes, I know... if she happens to marry El Nino, she won't even have to change the name on her drivers licence... nor will she need to replace her monogrammed hand towels.

Anyway,  word has it she's studying for a Masters in Art and lives in the US.  And she's supposedly been dating Sergio for several months.  And... well...  that's about all I know as yet.

According to sport's columnist Ron Reed, El Nino became increasingly testy as the ill-fated round progressed, and took off immediately after signing his card:
Garcia emerged from the scorer's hut saying, "I'm freezing", ignoring would-be interviewers and autograph hunters, and was in a courtesy car and on the way to somewhere warmer and drier barely a minute later. No other comment on his day was necessary.
Let's hope Silvia was waiting in the courtesy car, ready to help her sodden sweetheart forget about his hard day at the office.


  1. I really wonder now IF...not WHEN...Sergio will get his mojo on the golf course back. His struggles seem that they are now beyond a mere slump.

    He's a great player but I think that life under the microscope has really gotten to him and robbed him of his confidence. If he didn't indulge reporters in Australia after a bad round, good for him. Better to make them mad by not saying anything than to say something in the heat of a bad moment that lasts a lot longer than the round.

  2. I keep hoping Sergio will get back on track and finally win that major. Will 2011 be that year? On Friday I thought maybe it would. Now I'm not so sure.

  3. Please note: If Silvia isn't there for him, I'm available.

  4. I think Sergio could have kept his comments about Tiger to himself for a bit longer. Why knock Tiger?? Nothing to be gained from it really. Perhaps karma bit Sergio on the fannie.

  5. .


    you missed the MOST important piece of data, she is shorter than him - a very big deal to sergio

    anyway be well,

    ftliqourdale, so FLA

  6. Masters in least she not another "VIP cocktail waitress/model/actress" type.

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