Joakim Noah's Double-Double Golf Fashion Faux Pas

In basketball news the Bulls beat the Blazers last night, in a game highlighted by Luol Deng's career-high 40 points and Derrick Rose's 13 assists.  Also of note within the impressive team effort were Joakim Noah's 10 points, 10 rebounds; his third straight double-double.

Off the court Mr. Noah is a colorful and controversial figure who's had a couple of run-ins with the law.  In fact several weeks ago the sartorially singular young man made the Golf Fashion Police Blotter with a double-double golf fashion faux-pas of epic proportions.

Below, courtesy of the awesome and award-winning GolfChicagoTV, is a glimpse of the action at the Chicago Bulls - Verizon Wireless Charity Golf Outing, where Joakim Noah's dubious golf outfit was proudly displayed.

And I'll leave it to you to do the double-double break-down to you.