Only Two Things - Short Hitters, Big Drivers & Sexism

The photo's been confronting me for a couple of weeks now and I'm getting a bit really tired of it.

Now if you know me, you've probably noticed that I'm not particularly sensitive to many images and ideas that are deemed to be "sexist".  

I readily acknowledge that many sexual stereotypes are based on actual behavior, and whether the behavior is culturally imposed or genetically dictated, the results can be endlessly funny.  The fact is, as much as I hate housework,  I've been know to laugh at jokes that compare women with washing machines as long as they're told with a modicum of cleverness, class or taste.
And perhaps that's what I find so annoying, obnoxious, unfunny about "Tired of being a short hitter?" and the accompanying photo, in Golf Digest's November issue
Let me be clear there are lots of things I love about Golf Digest: their superlative travel stories... like Dom Furor's about playing golf in the Himalayas...  and their uniquely informed articles on golf history come immediately to mind.  ~ And because the readership of Golf Digest is approximately 94% male,  I understand that the editorial content... instructional articles, equipment reviews, news from the professional tours... as well as the flavor... design, humor, writing style... will naturally reflect a male sensibility. 

However, I feel that this particular piece, goes beyond "typical male humor" and veers perilously close to degrading, desperate and mean-spirited.  And I'm guessing it was at least mildly offensive to most men as well as to women. The article is not available online at this point, but I've spoken to a wide cross-section of golf acquaintences, male and female, who receive the print publication, and they all concurred (except for the one we affectionately call "Neanderthal Ned").

Numerous bloggers... including the awesome Emily Kay... weighed-in on the... um... tone-deaf, awkwardness of the story, and letter's to editor reflected a collective incredulity and disappointment, which brings us to the subject of tonight's show: Golf Digest's dude in pink and pearls: does anyone find it funny?   And was the editor's response to the criticism somewhat dismissive... or is this all just a typical Venus-to-Mars overreaction?  That's what we'll be talking about tonight Only Two Things.  You can join the conversation too... on-air... by using our call-in number, which is: 917-889-9592.  Or weigh in at the chat room or on Twitter... or just have a listen at Blog Talk Radio. We'll be live from 9:30 - 10:30 ET.