My Top 5 Golf Trophies - Weird & Wonderful

By Jordan Farr aka Golf Girl Junior

Golf Girl, has been on the road a bit recently, so I’ve spent the past few days manning the Golf Girl Media offices. ~ My responsibilities have consisted of Facebook um, work (insert reminder to “like” our page here), singing, and of course...Golf Girl Media-related research. During that feverish research I happened upon an article on The 5 worst golf tournament prizes.

Number one on the list was “Anything Tartan”
Darn! I was going to make Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book a prize for my next golf related contest! ~ The funniest prize of the five is a forlorn looking trophy some sadistic organization gives to the losing team. For a consolation prize, it doesn’t look very consoling.

Anyway, this rouges gallery of tournament prizes got me to thinking of the sometimes... um...idiosyncratic trophies awarded at professional tournaments. And I thought it might be a good idea to do my own "top five list" of those. Brent Kelly, one of our favorite golf bloggers, has already created a full gallery of unusual golf trophies over at About.com:GOLF. I took my choices from there:

Golf Girl Junior’s Top 5 Most Awesome Golf Trophies
1. On the top of my list is a trophy that probably looks quite familiar to you. That’s because it was recently awarded to the youngest golfer ever to win a European Tour event. Yep, that’s Matteo Manassero proudly posing with Mr. Potato Head...oh, I mean with the Castello Masters trophy. ~ The adorable little guy (the trophy, I mean) is perpetually giving us the “thumbs up” sign, and as one observer noticed, looks kind of like “an m&m in drag”. In any case, it’s so wild, cute, and fun... it always makes me smile, and that’s what earned it the top spot on my list.

2. Jovial Jason Gore scored an extra birdie with his first and only PGA Tour win. It was at the 2005 84 Lumber Classic, a tournament which is no more. ~ And you know how they say that dog owners sometimes tend to resemble their dogs? Could that also be true with PGA tour winners and their trophies? I don’t know, in any case, the portly pigeon looks to be ready and waiting for the customary kiss from Jason.

3. Here’s a little known fact: I had the same gym teacher as the awesome Meghan Francella. Unfortunately, I didn’t have half the athletic abiltity, thus Ms. F is playing golf... while I’m writing about it. My “player envy” doest’t stop me from being a huge fan however, and I remember being delighted when I heard she’d won the LPGA MasterCard Classic in 2007. The trophy doesn’t look very trophy-like though. In fact, it looks like a 3-wood with two undulating shafts... and it looks like it’s trying to take Meghan’s hat off. Maybe it’s just getting ready to assume its new life as a hat rack? I love trophies that multi-task.

4. Golf Girl keeps saying we’ve got to do some more video for our website. Well, the look on my face when I saw Austrian Markus Brier holding the BC-CA Golf Open trophy would have been perfect for our behind the scenes footage! He won it in his own country, in 2006, and I don’t know what you think, but I’m convinced the trophy is meant to come out of the tube... thing. ~ Pssst: Marcus, the plastic stuff is packaging - just throw it away.

5. Now... THAT is a TROPHY! I’ll bet Rory Mcilroy had to expand his trophy cabinet when he won it, wouldn’t you say? It was at the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic and when I go pro I am SO going to try to win that one... and I too will expand my very small trophy cabinet... OK, my non-existent trophy cabinet.

Well, those are my personal favorites, however there are many more, and they’re all very... unique. So definitely check out the gallery of Unusual Golf Trophies at About.com:GOLF. Also, stop by our Golf Girl Media Facebook page later this week for our amazing “Design Your Own Golf Trophy” contest. BTW, the prizes are going to be awesome.

Photos: Getty Images via About.com:GOLF

Also of note trophy-wise: Each of the World Golf Classic events boasts its own distinctive Wedgwood trophy and each cup is named after a famous golfer.