Only Two Things - Of Women's Golf & The L Word

Even in today's fast-paced, ever changing world, old perceptions sometimes linger long after they've been debunked.  This is never more apparent than when such perceptions reinforce a way of thinking that certain segments of our society are reluctant to abandon.

The perception I'm talking about here is that of the "mannish woman golfer" and beyond that, the idea that femininity and athletic excellence are mutually exclusive.

Today girls and young women who are just entering the game ... as players or as fans... may not even be aware of the reputation women's golf had in earlier decades.  This was made clear to me when I asked Jordan... my talented and versatile assistant... to research the topic for tonight's show

Jordan is new to golf and described her perception of professional women golfers as "a group of talented athletes who are for the most part quite glamorous and very feminine".  She'd never heard the expression "dykes on spikes" and said it never occurred to her that the L in LPGA stood for anything other than... Ladies.  When she began her research however,  she came upon a slew of articles, posts and forum conversations that seem to indicate those old perceptions are still around.

What to you think? Is women's professional golf still affected by a gay stereotype? Do old perceptions have an effect on today's sponsorships? Are these stereotypes being perpetuated by a certain "salaciousness-seeking" male media?

That's what we'll be talking about tonight on "Only Two Things". We'll be broadcasting from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET. And you can weigh in on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592. Or join the conversation in the chat room or on Twitter... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio. Talk to you tonight.