Mercedes-Benz USA & The Twitter-Fueled Tweet Race

It's the world's first Twitter-fueled race... a remarkable road rally where four pairs of contestants are selected to drive specially equipped Mercedes Benzes to Dallas, the site of Super Bowl XLV.  And the thing is, each duo is competing for a pair of Mercedes Benz 2012 C-Class Coupes and a pair of tickets to the big game

How over-the-top awesome does that sound?

You're probably wondering where Twitter comes in... and how a road race becomes a tweet race... and what exactly is meant by Twitter fuel.  I was too.  The Mercedes Benz USA Facebook page gives you a basic overview, and what's clear is that this elegant and iconic brand is very serious about incorporating social media into its Super Bowl marketing mix.  It's an uber-social campaign that, not surprisingly relies heavily on Twitter and Facebook.

You start out by "liking" on the Mercedes-Benz USA Facebook fanpage. Then you enter with your Twitter handle.  You must be 21-years-old, but beyond that, the only two requirements are a valid driver's licence and US citizenship (hopefully they'll do similar campaigns in other countries).  On December 24 the finalists will be notified via direct message on Twitter.  Then they'll need to create a short video.

The "Twitter fuel" comes into play... and the road rally becomes a "Tweet race"... on the way down to Dallas, when miles will earned with the acquisition of new Twitter followers, and Tweets will fuel the trip.  But... if want a chance to play, you've got to enter before December 23, as in, the day after tomorrow.

Oh... and a note to golfers: I hear the 2012 C-Class Coupe has ample of room in its spacious trunk for all your equipment and accessories.  And I know how important that is.