Fairways Magazine Highlights Golf Poster Design

On this side of the Atlantic, the idea of choosing "a favorite golf poster" probably hasn't occurred to many of us.  In fact, most of the golfers I spoke to  yesterday at the holiday party for our "Fun, Fast and Friendly League" were a bit puzzled by the term "golf poster".

No one seemed to know exactly what I meant.  Some immediately thought of golf movies, and a heated debate about various versions of the Caddyshack poster ensued.  Others thought I was talking about motivational  posters... you know, the kind that aim to inspire with a vivid photographic image and a single succinct word.  It seems many of those feature golf course panoramas.

When I explained that I was referring the kind of poster that actually advertises/announces a golf tournament, no one seemed to remember ever having seen one. The thing is, here in the US tournament posters seem to be... almost formulaic... a purely commercial afterthought.  In France however, posters, including those made for golf tournaments and other sporting events... are considered an art form, and for each event, designers and artists strive to create something memorable. 

Fairways, the engaging French golf publication, is asking readers to select their three favorite golf posters and submit their selection... in order of preference... so that a 2010 golf poster of the year can be chosen.

The Poll is on the Fairways website and features photos of the posters to be voted upon.  The only one most in the US will recognize will be the Evian Masters,  but the group, as a whole,  is visually quite stunning.

If you don't read French there will inevitably be details on the site you won't understand, however it's still well worth checking out.  With golf becoming more global by the minute, some outside perspective... even if it's only in pictures... is definitely a good thing.