Only Two Things - Sexy Scrambles Gals Can Enjoy

In early October... right around the same time the Ryder Cup was taking place at at a rain soaked Celtic Manor...  Jordan and I spent a glorious Autumnal afternoon at historic Dellwood Country Club.

We were there for The New York Playboy Scramble. Part of what Playboy Golf calls the the nation's hottest golf tournament.  Our day at Dellwood had been postponed from earlier in the summer due to inclement weather and we'd been looking forward the rescheduled event. 

The Playboy Scramble is actually a series of regional events that take place on distinctive courses across the country... as well as in Canada and Australia...   leading up to a final competition (and VIP extravaganza) in Southern California, for the leading regional teams.

We got to Dellwood... which is about an hour north of Mid-town Manhattan... at about 11:00.  The teams had just taken off and the Tillinghast course was resplendent against a backdrop of rolling hills draped in peak fall color.  Before we hopped into our cart we were able to chat a bit with Ajay Pathak,  Playboy Golf's forward thinking President & CEO.

Though we'd been looking forward to this event, we told him we'd also been a bit hesitant, not knowing if... as women... we'd fit in.  In the weeks leading up to the event it was clear some of our friends and fellow golfers didn't think we would... at all.  There were some who surmised that a Playboy golf tournament would be like "a salacious strip club but with fairways and greens" and others who suggested that "any "normal woman" would feel intimidated by the beauty of the Playmate hostesses"... implying,  I suppose, that we were "normal women" and as such wouldn't enjoy the event.

And that's the thing.  As Mr. Pathak explained, Playboy golf events are fun, inclusive, and totally NOT intimidating.  They're set up in such a way that the most competitive players will be challenged, while beginners and less skilled golfers will also be able to have an awesome time.  Plus, Playboy's Girl's of Golf are perfect hostesses and they make sure the experience is stellar... for both men and women... from start to finish.

We saw all of this during our day at Dellwood, and that's what we'll be talking about tonight on "Only Two Things". from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET.   The Playboy Golf experience and how awsome it can be for women... as well as men.  We'll be joined by special guest,  Donna Tavoso, Chief Marketing Officer for Playboy Golf, who we also met at Dellwood Country Club.  We look forward to talking to her tonight about some of the fun experiences she's had ... and the interesting people she's met though Playboy Golf.

It promises to be a fun show, and we'd love to have you call in and tell us about some of the unique tournaments you've participated in.  You can do that on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592.  ~ Or join the conversation in the chat room on the show page, or just listen at "Only Two Things" on BlogTalkRadio.