Golf's Most Inspiring: The Manuel De Los Santos Story

When I first heard of Manuel de Los Santos, it occurred to me that his inspiring story would make an excellent movie.  The narrative - of a young man whose life was altered by a horrific accident - was was so moving, and the message, so uplifting, it seemed... made for Hollywood. 

I wrote about the young Dominican back then as he played at St Andrews in the Dunhill Links Championship ... and wowed the entire field.

Film maker Peter Montgomery... like so many others... was amazed by the transformational tale of Manuel de los Santos.  So much so that he contacted Manuel in the spring and they made the a movie.  It's a short film... only a few minutes long... but visually stunning and extremely powerful.

It's a perfect tribute to one man's ability to transcend adversity through golf.

For those days (we all have them) when you need additional inspiration, Manuel has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.