Tiger Woods' Tournament gets Geosocial with Foursquare

a few of my badges
I've been a Foursquare aficionado since the early days... that's about a year ago... and my 8 mayorships currently include a country club, a golf course and a golf performance center.  Oh, and I've unlocked 23 badges.

The the thing I love about Foursquare is the competition... the game... But it's actually much more than a game.

For... those who don't know... Foursquare is a location-based social networking site. According to current reports it has about 4 1/2 million users worldwide.  Geolocation is huge these days,  despite privacy concerns. Companies of all sorts are incorporating it into their PR/MarComm strategies and individuals are reaping benefits both social and practical.

Since the season began, more and more golf media people have been using Foursquare to connect at tournaments.  Meanwhile golfers around the world are checking into courses and clubs and meeting other golfers.  Friendly battles for course mayorships sometimes ensue.  I've always thought golf and Foursquare made a perfect pairing, and now that cell phones will be permitted at most PGA events it'll be even better.

In fact, the 2010 Chevron World Challenge is already actively participating in Foursquare, giving fans a way to win prizes and ticket discounts.  They're also giving out Chevron gas cards for check-ins at the Social Media Club.  Check-ins at Chevron locations in the area will be rewarded as well. 

I think it's a great way to enhance and communicate the tournament experience, and I really wish I was out there to get in on the Foursquare action.  They're even going for Swarm badges, which you get when there are collective check-ins at one venue.  Swarm badges are quite awesome BTW.  ~ For more info on Foursquare, check their site... and for details on how you can use the service at the Chevron World Challenge check the tournament's news section

Who knows, now that Tiger is actively using Twitter... he might just turn up on Foursquare.