Only Two Things - Of Bosoms, Bellies & Love Handles

"Do boobs get in the way?"...  "Are my boobs ruining my swing?"... "How is a woman with large boobs supposed to swing a golf club?"

Here at Golf Girl Media we get a ton of mail about boobs. And that's not surprising really, when you consider the strategic position they occupy on the female (and in some cases, male) body.

In the mid-nineties, outspoken golf analyst, Ben Wright was quoted as saying, “Women are handicapped by having boobs. It’s not easy for them to keep their left arm straight, and that’s one of the tenets of the game. Their boobs get in the way.” That... and a number of other inflammatory statements... ultimately got the bombastic broadcaster fired, but the issue of "breasts and the golf swing" has never gone away, and... it's important to note...  there are some who feel breasts can actually give a woman an advantage. 

Speaking of advantages, one of our favorite professional golfers, John Daly, who's lost over 100 lbs, declared in a recent interview that “The biggest problem has been my putting because I’ve got nowhere to put my elbows. I used to be able to put my elbows on my love handles and putt pretty good. Now they’re all over the place,” the popular player added that he knew the weight loss was for the better, but revealed that it's taking time to get used the physical change.

And what about a bulging belly... how does that affect the golf swing? Golf fitness experts say it limits arm extension and impedes rotation... but the portly poster boys of the PGA, guys like Mark Calcavecchia, Angel Cabrera and Tim Herron, don't seem to let their measurable midsections get in the way.  So... how does your body type actually affect your golf game?

That's what we'll be talking about tonight on,  "Only Two Things" . We'll be broadcasting from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET. And you can weigh in on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592. Or join the conversation in the chat room or on Twitter... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio. Talk to you tonight.