Golf Distraction - When a Birdie Ruins Your Birdie

So I've grinding away on a non-golf writing assignment today... deadline looming large...  and just got an email from a friend I sometimes play golf with. 

In desperate need of a momentary distraction, I opened it and found the awesome video clip below.  It's part of the trailer from the 3D animated film Alpha and Omega about two endearing young wolves who fall in love. 

The clip features Marcel a golf-obsessed French Canadian Goose and an amazing approach shot that ... does not end well. 

The clip however, was the perfect antidote to my ascending stress level. 

OK, now let me get back to that exciting text book supplement I'm writing. Yay.


  1. I did too Joseph, till one started eating our house. :\ We finally got rid of them (I hope) by putting up plastic mesh netting.

  2. My nephew loved the Marcel character and now want's to learn to play golf. I don't think anyone on the PGA Tour who could have influenced him that much. ;)

  3. .

    according to the rules of the USGA, you get a free drop at the spot where the ball was pecked away - in this case leaving a very short makeable putt - for a two, preserving the birdies' birdie

    ftlauderdale soFLA

  4. .

    correction, the approach shot was "interfered" with,

    making the short put a three, for the birdies' birdie, if on a par four,

    or the short putt for a four on a par five,

    however ruining the eagle (par four) or possibly albatross (if a double eagle on a par five)

    anyway be well


  5. Ha ha leave it to you to know the "Woodpecker Rule" Frank ;o)


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