Ryo Ishikawa: Back on US Soil... With a New Look?


A subdued pastel shirt, and trousers resembling... like... Dockers?

It's not what we're accustomed to seeing on Ryo Ishikawa... and it begs the question: has "Hanikami Ōji" abandoned the vividly chromatic color pallet he's famous for? 

It hardly seems possible but that's the look he was sporting on Monday at Riviera Country Club when he made his first US appearance of the 2011 season at a practice round with fellow Japanese champion Yuta Ikeda.

Ryo will be playing the Northern Trust Open for the the third time this year and has made some strong style statements here in the past, so it'll be interesting to if this traditional look is actually a new direction for the popular player, or just a one-time walk on the un-wild side.   In either case, the kid's got an army of fans in the US who are looking forward to seeing him play this week

Special thanks to Ryo fan extraordinaire Noriko for sending me the link.


  1. Those pants DO look like Dockers. What's this world coming to?

  2. Jeez, next thing you know Rickie Fowler will be rocking pleated khakis and a baggy beige polo shirt. ;)

  3. I think Ryo looks great in the more traditional outfits. The brights were a bit distracting.

  4. Aw Ryo is growing up... I just hope he doesn't tone it down too much we still have too many guys on the PGA Tour who look exactly the same. Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing him play again.


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